Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan Movie Review


Plot: An old don turns cupid (at the least that is what I perceived)

Silambarasan: One of the few actors that I had great respect from his childhood is simbu. He is a versatile actor who can understand the situation and enact accordingly. His acting will have the right amount of expressions, a good dancer. I really am confused so as to what went wrong in his life or the choices that he makes. Three movies in a row that did not fair well. As a common man I would say with all the ability he has , he has made a bad choice in opting for this movie. If STR can make the right choice at the right time the A will fill in between ST and R and make him a great STAR 🙁

Shriya and Tamannaah: Shriya was Tamil Selvi in Sivaji and she is in Selvi in AAA , no change from then. Tammannaah had very little to play in this movie, but she has transformed into a great dancer , thanks to PD for that . After Devi she has got the magical touch for her dancing.

Yuvan Shankar Raja: If there is something that elevated the movie it was Yuvan’s music. His BGM would usually give goose pimples, do you need to ask when it is with STR.

Aadhivik: The audience will have a great question in mind, “Is it the same director who gave Trisha Illana Nayanthara”. Personally I did not like TIN, but there were many who liked it. Sir when you are having a big star like STR you should give him a meaty role and not turn him into a meaty. Personally STR has delivered the best when he was a director himself. It is the director who has to get the work done from the actor. The first half completely resembled Subramaniapuram, the second half no clue. I seriously wish the second part is made well, with a lot of serious effort in place 🙁

Verdict: If STR is in your body(anbavanan), mind(asarathavan) and soul (adangathavan) then you will love it

Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan Movie Review


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