Brindhaavanam Movie Review


Plot: The life and love journey of a guy who is deaf and dumb

Arulnidhi: When I saw the teaser I thought that Arul had made a bad move in choosing the movie, in fact my film companion my brother in law said this movie is going to be a flop. But, reality it was a face palm moment for me. I thought why would somebody decide to act in a movie that resembles an older movie (Mozhi). But the storyline is different. Arul has proved that he has the performer living in him. In real we would feel have a soft corner when you see someone deaf and dumb, to bring that emotion from the audience in reel is quite a tough job and he cracks it easily. There are few scenes where your eyes will be flooded
Tanya Ravichandran: Wonderful choice by Radhamohan, he always makes a careful choice over the heroines in his movie. All his heroines also have an important role to play, unlike the usually movies where for the sake of having a heroine they would have one. Tanya makes her grandfather Late Mr.Ravichandran proud and proves the acting is in the bloodline. Wonderful expressions and fits into the character, not a pinch of overacting and does a commendable job. A sincere advice to her would be not to choose commercial movies where her role would be less to play

Vivek: Vivek is Vivek himself in this movie , and he is back with a bang, after a long time there were a lot of giggles in the hall. Especially kids they just cherished him. Such a lovely artist, first time he recollects the mishap that happened to him and his family few months back on the screen. He also has sung a song and retains the title Chinna Kalaivanar that he received. Another reason to go to the movie is VIVEK

Vishal Chandrashekhar: Three songs , that fit into the right place and I bet if you are going on short drive where there is noone around you or on the road , these songs will just carry you . A song has been sung by the Master SPB and I bet if you are facing the toughest times in life this song will bring the tears out. Wonderful music , lyrics and above all the vocalist . Great work Vishal , and i never knew that Mr.Vivek could so beautifully and it is job of the music director to get it on the right note and both have done it

Radhamohan: Except one movie that he directed in the past every other movie of his has a human connect. It teaches the other side of life. After streak of horror comedy movies that did not work out fine, he has delivered a movie that has no commercial mass masala , it is a simple storyline but presented well. Right from the location to the cinematography everything will give you a pleasant feel.

Verdict: Just like the title a pleasant movie to be enjoyed with your family a perfect family outing.

Release date- 26/05/2017
Directed by @Radha mohan
Produced by Shan Sutharsan
Written by Pon. Parthiban (Dialogue)
Screenplay by Radha Mohan
Story by Radha Mohan
Starring Vivek, Tamilarasu Arulnithi, Tanya Ravichandran
Music by Vishal Chandrashekhar
Cinematography M. S. Vivekanand
Edited by T S Jay
Production company Vansan Movies

Brindhaavanam Movie Review


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