Dora Movie Review

Dora Movie

Plot: A spirit that lives in a car avenges the baddies

Nayanthara: I have been observing her victory right from the days of Ayya. From where she started and where she is now , is a real example of the graph that is going up and has never dipped down. Right from start till the end of the movie she has given a gripping performance. The director has unofficially given her the lady suerstar title when they played the Annamalai BGM with a slow mo. In the last two years Indian cinema has been seeing female artists playing the protagonist right from Sridevi , sonakshi sinhaa, anushka shetty , trisha. Each of them have played only one movie has the leading artist for the script they never attempted for the second one. But hats off to Nayanthara for continuing it with the second movie. She has understood the character very well lived it. I also appreciate her efforts of dubbing for herself , which was flawless. When her name was on the title card there were a set of people who shouted out as Thalaivi , I really had to think twice and asked myself whether she deserves that. But, at the end I was proven wrong she definitely deserves to be called like that.

Thambi Ramaiah: His comedy has clicked very well. His timing comedies have worked out very well.

Vivek Mervin: Excellent BGM , the movie just had two tracks. I wished they had played all the tracks in the movie. The track Ra ra ra by Anirudh has synced well with the scenes.
Doss Ramasamy : Hats off to you for a concept that is different. I highly appreciate the creative that is embedded within the car. When I initially saw the trailer I never expected that the output would be wonderful. From the bottom of my heart I would say that after Vettaidu Vilayadu , this movie had a villain Sulile Kumar who was really terrorizing. The director has made this movie a success with a small casting. We have been seeing news about Rape everyday, reading about it inflicts a lot of pain. My sincere request to the directors would be let us not show it on the screen, please

Dora: This car has given excessive mileage and will ensure that audience have a happy ride

Release date- 31/03/2017
Directed by; Doss Ramasamy
Produced by A. Sarkunam,Hitesh Jhabak
Starring Nayanthara,Harish Uthaman,Thambi Ramaiah
Music by Vivek Siva Mervin Solomon
Cinematography Dinesh Krishnan
Edited by: Gopi Krishna
Production company Sarkunam Cinemas,Nemichand Jhabak
Distributed by Auraa cinemas
Movie Run Time : 2 hour 17 minutes

Dora Movie Review


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