Power Paandi Movie Review

Power Paandi Movie

Plot: Life after 50.

Rajkiran: After the great Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan I would say it is Rajkiran who is apt in performing the role of a father. He has played this role often in the last few years and still we don’t go tired. He performs with utmost perfection in this movie. He has not only done justice to his role but also to the name of the character that he portrays. This character should have the innocent character and bravery in equal proportions, which he has understood very well and has delivered a splendid act. Hats off sir

Prasanna : A god comeback movie for prasanna, be it the looks where he looks extremely fit and acting where he maintains the same. The only thing that fell back was, the scenes were he has to cry. He could have maintained it in a very subtle manner. I was able to see a few smirking when he cried and it was supposed to be an emotinal scene.
@revathi : Be it hansika , kajal or any modern era heroine, my all time favorite will be Asha Kutty Nair aka Revathi. She has never grown old and she will never be. She looks extremely sweet and she is a perfect choice for the role she played in the movie. Mam wish to see you in more movies…. 🙂

Chaya Singh: She plays a brief role, but you will be so elated to see her on the screen. She exhibits simple and neat expressions which was a pleasure to watch

Rinson Simon : Special Kudos to this young man, he will greatly remind you of the dhanush from VIP. Rinson and Rajkiran were a great duo in the movie
Sean Roldan : Heart and soul of the movie. I always thought Ani and Dhanush make the best pair. But I was proved wrong, ever since the album was launched, I have heard all the songs more than once and they will pound your heart for sure. Adding to all this the BGM was perfect. You will have extra tears trickle down your cheeks and this man is the reason for that.

Dhanush : “Multi faceted”, actor , lyricist and director. Usually when there is one person performing all this it usually turns out to be a comedy. Only one person in the industry does the above three with utmost dedication and perfection and it was and is Kamalhaasan. Dhanush joins that list now. Such a perfect storyline well tailored and definitely a movie that has to be made for the public to watch and cherish it in their lives. Few reviews said that dhanush underplayed as an actor in this movie. I call it nonsense, he has mastered his skills and has never lost what he has acquired. He has done a lot of groundwork that is clearly reflected in the movie. Thanks for a feel good family entertainer Dhanush
Verdict: Power Paandi , highly powerful.

P.S If you are 26-30 now and if you have told your dad to retire from work, they usually never go with that and they say I am not too old for that, this movie could be associated to those who had that conversation with your DAD. I had this conversation last week with my DAD and this movie proved me wrong. 🙂

Release date:14/04/2017
Directed by Dhanush
Produced by Dhanush
Written by Dhanush,Subramaniam Siva
Starring Rajkiran, Prasanna, Revathi, Chaya Singh
Music by Sean Roldan
Cinematography Velraj
Edited by Prasanna GK
Production company Wunderbar Films
Duration:2hrs 05mins

Power Paandi Movie Review


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