Rangoon Movie Review


Plot: A crime thriller + gold heist

Gautham Karthik: Just one expression after I saw this movie, “Whoomp the ball goes out of the work”. He has got a never give up attitude , after a series of failures, he has learnt the show business. Gautham knew what the audience would like and he has delivered it perfectly. He has adapted the character so much and has worked hard to give the feel to it. Gautham I am not the greatest critic neither I am an expert in cinema. If you can deliver one movie like Rangoon in a year that is totally fine. For that if you have to be choosy and picky please be that. But overall if I have to say your performance was Assi and not Attu
Sana Makbul Khan Cuteness overloaded , she had less to play as the female lead, but she greatly reminded me of Tapsee . The romance portions between Gautham and her reminded me of Aadukalam and they had a good chemistry

Daniel Annie Pope: If I have to define this locally, “Thara local” performance by him. What you saw in Itharku thanai asai patta balakumara was a bit. Great going Danny, more movies like this would earn you name and fame.

RH Vikram and Vishal Chandrashekhar : Three songs , a montage song , a wedding song and the title song. All were perfect. The song by Anirudh was a perfect and a fast number that will be in loop. The BGM was well in sync with the movie, a neat presentation by Vishal and Vikram.

Rajkumar Periasamy : I can very well capture ARM’s mind voice, “how can my assistant fail?”. I have one question for Rajkumar why did you take two years to bring this movie to the screen. Apart from that I am speechless by the way the debutant director has presented this movie. The movie was gripping and the edge of the seat thriller. The key to a successful movie is, the movie should mesmerize the audience like the snake charmer, they should not be distracted what so ever. This movie had that magic. Rajkumar await for the awards and I am pretty sure you will be nominated for the best debutant director of the year

Verdict: Rangoon , this gold heist will steal your heart.
இது அசி , ஆட்டு இல்லை

Release date- 09/06/2017
Directed by Rajkumar Periasamy
Produced by AR Murugadoss,Fox Star Studios
Written by Rajkumar Periasamy`
Starring Gautham Karthik, Sana Makbul Khan
Music by Original Songs: Vikram RH, Vishal Chandrashekhar
Background Score: Vishal Chandrasekhar
Cinematography Anish Tharun Kumar
Edited by Prasanna GK, Vijay Venkataramanan
Production company AR Murugadoss Productions

Rangoon Movie Review


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