Sangili Bungli Kathava Thorae Movie Review

Sangili Bungli Kathava Thorae movie

Plot: Usual ghost story in town, ghost dies and scares the [email protected]# out of people.

Jeeva: Jeeva is an actor with high calibre, some evident proof of that is the movies he had acted in the past like E, Tamil M.A, Ram, Ko and Nanban. But I dont know where he made the mistake, but he started choosing movies that have more commercial value and less scope to his performance. This movie is also one of the kind where he gets less to play. There are a few scenes where he emotes well , that is the real Jeeva

Sri Divya: ‘Heroine’ with no purpose. Gets an extra coat of make up , they made sure that too much make up on her will make the audience go haywire and then they would not be able to differentiate her and the spirit. She also can do much better like the roles in the past that she played in Varutha Padatha valibar sangam and Pencil are some movies where she had a notable performance

Soori and Thambi Ramiah: Much better from the early movies and I wish he continues the same. The purpose of using Thambi ramiah in the movie is to showcase the dirty jokes that have a hidden meaning, nothing more than that

Radhika and Radharavi: Bloodline of the late Nadigavel MR Radha and they are nothing short than that. They have given a commendable performance
Vishal Chandrashekhar: Apt BGM for the movie , nothing short than what we can expect from a horror thriller

@Iyke : I appreciate his sincere efforts as a debut director. But this formula has been in the recent horror movies and people should be tired of this formula. Song placements were not in the right place , except for the last song by Premgi. He is a director who can scale heights, I say this because he has got the work done out of the senior most artists like Radhika and Radharavi and what he wanted is there on the screen. They are a few tickles here and there. But with a good cast the movie should have been much better. Because of the content it lost the charm.

Verdict: Iyke’s sangli bungli might not give you the Yikes that you except. It is comparatively better than Saravan Irukka Bayamen but still not great

Release date- 19/05/2017
Directed by Ike
Produced by Fox Star Studios,Atlee
Written by Ike
Starring Jiiva,Sri Divya
Music by Vishal Chandrasekhar
Cinematography Sathyan Sooryan
Edited by T. S. Suresh
Production company A for Apple Production
Fox Star Studios
Distributed by Fox Star Studios
Movie Run Time : 2 hour 21 minutes

Sangili Bungli Kathava Thorae Movie Review


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