Sathriyan Movie Review


Plot: A new wine in an old cask , a gangster movie

Vikram Prabhu : There are a lot of the new generation actors who follow the foot steps of their family. A lot fail and only a few emerge, Vikram is one among them and he has been successful from the start a few down sides like Vellakara Durai. This movie could have been a hit if it was released during the era of Thotti Jaya, the movie has shades of it. But Vikram has acted in it exceptionally, his expressions as a gangster is good, firm and sturdy when he holds the knife with the chest up. But it could have been a better choice if the screenplay was better.

Manjima Mohan: Very subtle when it came to the expressions , but she fits good in the character. Reminded me of Lakshmi Menon from Sundrapandian. SR Prabhakaran follows the same pattern when it comes to sketching the female lead , this character could have been more powerful. A role that could have been more dominating than the male lead.
Yuvan Shankar Raja: BGM was astounding , and Parai Melai should be added to the playlist and keep looping it . Yuvan has won again

SR Prabhakaran: Definitely had a good feel when I watched Sundrapandian and Ithu Kathirvelan Kadhal. But did not expect the screenplay to be sloppy. The audience where not satisfied one bit. The intense for the first twenty minutes and ten minutes before the interval should have continued throughout the movie, which could have made the audience to be gripped. I felt so sorry when people were passing random comments. My father is not an avid fan of any actor. But he made the story and scenes so predictable. He was literally commenting and narrating what would happen the next scene. Some characters in the movie just come and go and we did not know why they were there.

Verdict: Sathriyan’s screenplay becomes its biggest Sathru (enemy)

Release date- 09/06/2017
Directed by S. R. Prabhakaran
Produced by T. G. Thiyagarajan (presenter),Sendhil Thiyagarajan,Arjun Thiyagarajan
Written by S. R. Prabhakaran
Starring Vikram Prabhu,Manjima Mohan,Kavin,Aishwarya Dutta
Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography Sivakumar Vijayan

Sathriyan Movie Review


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