Shivalinga Movie review

Shivalinga movie review

Plot: A spirit that is awaiting to avenge its death

Raghava Lawrence : If I have to summarize this man in one word , “Energy”. I would place an open bet to the Indian film faternity , after prabhu deva is there anyone who can match his dance moves. Apart from that Raghava has registered himself as a commercial hero, where he will send the baddies flying the air. He has a great fan base among the kids and has a standard family audience who will not bother about any logic glitches , and will watch him awestruck. I feel every actor should register an unique style, but in this movie I saw Raghava has tried to imitate Rajnikanth to a greater extent, there is only one Rajini for style and there is only one Raghava for dance, end of story. If he is trying to earn fan base by imitating Rajini , then it is a pretty bad idea.

Ritika Singh: Yes a totally different ritika from what we saw in Irudhu sutru and Andavan Kattalai. If she has decided to go with commercial movies from now then it will be a bad move that she is making. One in three movies can be a commercial movie for her, but not every movie like this. She has done a splendid job where she is possessed by the spirit. The dance portions did not work out quite well for her.

Vadivelu : Earns the hearts as usual with this spot comedy and what was seen in chandramukhi, continues here as well. A relief in the movie.

Shakthi Vasudevan: Shakthi has given a decent performance. He has taken efforts to learn Urdu and has perfected the pronunciation and sounds like a real Hyderabad

Thaman: As usual gives peppy and dance numbers. But is this the same Thaman who gave an astounding BGM in Eeram. The BGM was so loud , that it suppressed the dialogues and even the tension of the movie was not well maintained.

Vasu P : Sir you have been a legend and you have given movies that has breaken Box Office Records, then why to remake your own movie. There were logical glitches, which 40% of the crowd wont mind. but still. The second half was so dragging, you could have finished it quickly, but it was dragged. Wrong placement of songs. Tamil cinema has seen enough Muni’s Arundhathi’s. It is time to wrap up this style.

Verdict: Shivalinga fails to open the third eye

P.S Will be liked by hardcore Muni , Kanchana and Arundhathi fans

Release Date:14/04/2017
Duration:2hrs 26min
Directed by P. Vasu
Produced by R. Ravindran
Written by P. Vasu
Based on Shivalinga By P. Vasu
Starring Raghava Lawrence,Ritika Singh,Shakthi,Vadivelu,Urvashi
Music by S. S. Thaman
Cinematography Sarvesh Murari
Edited by Suresh Urs
Production company Trident Arts

Shivalinga Movie review


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