Thondan Movie Review

Thondan movie

Plot: A loyal and lawful citizen’s anger over the corrupt society and system

More than a review this is a letter to Samuthirakani Anna. I feel privileged to call him like that. His movies speak for himself and will make you call him that. Thondan is a story about a loyal and lawful citizen who stands up against the corrupt lot. As a director and an actor he has decided to keep the fear aside and talk about the issues that this society faces no matter the amount of criticism he might face from the haters. Starting from Neduvasal to Vadivasal he has addressed almost all the issues in the movies. Not to forget he has also addressed the issues that women of the current society face and how they stand up to it. Arthana Binu has played in that scene and has done a good job. Hats off to him for that. He has mentioned in an interview no matter what happens he will direct movies only of this sort. Movie is a media that should change the society. He is one of them who uses and handles it right. There is a scene where he recites the different varieties of bulls that prevailed in TamilNadu, I literally had goose pimples. There also slight flaws in the movie , @vikranth screen presence was good which could have continued in the second half, Sunaina’s role could have been highlighted more, romantic scenes were slightly out of sync. Apart from these the movie has a lot to deliver to the society. Thambi Ramaiah and Actor Soori play guest roles and they have been lauded by the audience. Their screen presence in the last ten minutes is simply astounding Justin Prabhakaran’s bgm is hair raising. There are three categories of audience, one who does not like to be advised, one who likes to be advised but feels all this will happen only in cinema, the third one is the one who feels yes I will stand against all evils. People from the third category will cherish and love this movie. If you are a person who would comment “I have seen all this in Indian by Shankar” , then please step aside because we are multifolded a lot from that time to what we are now. A big hug and respect to P Samuthirakani anna for giving a movie like this.Hats off Singam

Verdict: Thondan a movie that has done great justice and service.

கோகுல் வரதராஜன் please dont watch and complain this movie is not for you 😀
P.S There is a scene in the movie there is a loyal policeman who lives in a tattered house, when samuthirakani enters inside the house he see the picture of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, as a normal person I dont see any mistake in this. I heard a murmur from the back row “Do people like this policemen exist in our society”. Please everybody is not bad there are people like A.Mayilvagan IPS who have done enough to the society.

சாட்டையாய் சுழன்றி தப்புகளை தட்டி கேட்கும் அப்பாவை இருந்து , நாட்டிற்கு நல்ல தொண்டனாக இருக்கும் அண்ணன் சமுத்திரக்கனிக்கு என் கோடான கோடி நன்றிகள்

Release date- 26/05/2017
Directed by Samuthirakani
Produced by R. Manikandan
Starring Vikranth,Samuthirakani,Sunaina
Music by Justin Prabhakaran
Cinematography N. K. Ekambaram
Richard M. Nathan
Edited by A. L. Ramesh

Thondan Movie Review


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