Uru Movie Review

Uru Movie

Plot: A psychotic killer goes behind a writer

Kalaiyarasan Anbu: Definitely a hard worker in the room and it is evident in his acting. From anbu anna to Jeevan he has shown a lot of variation. As jeevan he has given lot of life to this character. Without dedication the character he plays cannot be deceiving . Great effort , hats of Kalai more to come

Sai Dhanshika: Even Bala would not have tortured her in Paradesi, but vicky anand has got the work out of her. I am pretty sure that they have not used a body double for her. Sliding , jumping from the roof, whatever torture that this character in the movie has to go through she has gone through that. It requires a lot of heart to play her character and she has played that.

Vicky Anand: Like yesterday’s review for maragadha nanayam, I am cutting this short as well. I cannot give spoilers for this movie. The movie runs for 1 hour and 51 minutes. The first 30 minutes was a bit slow and my neighbour had already started complaining his friends that it was a bad choice that they have taken for bringing him to the movie. But the same person had to shut his mouth for the last thirty minutes. There are not many twists and turns , all I can say now is there are only 2 twists in the movie and that was very fitting. Vicky has settled for not more than three characters in the movie and has used them very well. The second half was a lot better than the first . As a debutant he has done a fantastic job, definitely he will come back with more goodies in his pocket for the second movie, good luck Vicky

Verdict: Uru a thriller that that can satisfy you.

Uru Movie Review


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