Vanamagan Movie Review


Plot: A tribal man’s city and forest connect

Jayam Ravi: After Vikram and Arya , it is definitely jayam ravi who has ventured into the jungle and has strived hard. I seriously do miss his squeaky voice , all he utters in this movie is the name of the heroine and few tribal dialogues and nothing more. From the first frame it is only his expressions that create magic. This character has to be a mix of innocence and ignorance and he has rightly managed it and has won it. The audience will cheer for him as well adore him in this movie. A feather to his hat, I am not sure whether this news is true or not. In a recent interview Ravi mentioned that if Vanamagan turns out to be a flop he would act AL Vijay’s movie for free, Ravi no need for that this movie will win the hearts, I am not sure about the BO

Sayyeshaa: It is her first movie and doe not look like that , definitely a great start. Right from the lip sync to the choreo she has worked hard as well. The character she portrays has to carry the richness all throughout and after point has to realize that money is not everything. She has balanced both that and has given a neat performance. In some scenes she reminded me of Rapunzel from Disney , apart from the blonde hair she would look like that. There was a good chemistry between her and Ravi .

Prakash Raj: Prakash has less to play in this movie, appears in the last thirty minutes, not a meaty role , but a role that we will have in our memories even if we move out of the screen. But one thing is for sure, Prakash gets scolded by Ravi in Santosh Subramaniam, Warned in Boologam and gets beaten in Vanamagan 😀

Harris Jayaraj: Harris’s 50th movie , the man behind the meaningless words reproduces music that will melt your heart and is soulful. You might claim that he copies his music, but plug in the earphone with his melodies on the playlist, you will travel into a world and get lost. I admired the music and the bgm in this movie. The songs and the cinematography went hand in hand and was pleasant to watch. Anindita Ravindran you should definitely watch the movie

Director Vijay: After all the personal debacles that this man faced behind the screen, he has definitely succeeded. When the trailer was out I went out boasting it is George of the Jungle. But it was a tight slap on my face , the storyline had a great contrast from the hollywood venture. This movie had a lot of emotional connect. Vijay has researched well , he has made sure that the stunts, cg and the camera work are perfect. Yes they were all in one piece and you cannot find any mistakes. Especially the CG of the tiger was astounding. Vijay you have given a movie that can be remembered. This movie does not excel as high as saivam, but it will not fail to entertain the audience.

Verdict: Vanamagan, king of the jungle . A perfect family outing

Vanamagan Movie Review


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