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ASCII MEDIA HUT Productions presents 6ATHIYAYAM

The feature film Titled as “6ATHIYAYAM” is first time in the Tamil movie history, have 6 stories of same genres written and crafted by 6 Different directors and featuring different artists produced by ASCII Media Hut.

List of actors includes, Taman Kumar, ‘Pasanga’ Kishore, Vishnu, ‘Kulir’ Sanjeev, ‘Naan Mahan Alla’ Vinod, SS Stantly, Madhushree & Baby Saithanya are part of the 6ATHIYAYAM team.

Phycological Thriller, Horror with child abuse backdrop, Love & Betrayal, Comedy with Horror, Fantasy with Horror and Typical horror are the type of the different films which provides variety to the audience.

Vekram Vetha Movie Fame SAM.C.S composed Promo Song. The music of the song will immediately captures the hearts millions, listening at first time. Vijay Tv comparer MakaPa has crooned a song which was shot with help of 2d animation is added feature of film, where the performance of dancers was converted into visual medium.

To create highest point of anxiety and drama the climax of each film is cut and revealed to audience towards the end part of feature film, which enables to hold the pulse of audience till the concluding moment.

Each story has star studded cast which makes audience gets attached with the story.

Each film has experienced crew and well crafted technicians, no compromise were made in the technical aspect, so, the audience gets the best film viewing experience.

This film to its credit has eminent writer/director Cable B Sankar and film writer Ajayan bala, who have already proved his credentials in film industry as dialog writer.

Established Music composers likes of Tajnoor have given his contribution which adds to list of bandwagon of celebrities of 6ATHIYAYAM.

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6Athiyayam Movie Motion Poster


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