Kootathil Oruthan Movie Review Retrospect


Plot: The romantic plot between an average guy and a beautiful girl.

Ashok Selvan: Ashok proves again that he is an actor with substance. Different roles for every movie and he perfectly fits in the shoes. He plays the role of an average guy, my wife was barely to recognize him and she said he does not looking pleasing. Exactly that is the key to play a successful character. I am pretty sure that this character that he has played will move guys similar to him in real life to tears. Right mix of emotions , Ashok reminded me of Sathyaraj from Kanam Courtaar Aavargaley had more or less the same look. Great work Ashok, expecting a lot.

Priya Anand: A perfect pair for Ashok and thanks to Varma for painting her beautiful on the screens.

Nivas Prasanna Krishnamoorthy: How do you it flawless every time. Absolutely pleasing RR especially in the climax, one of my friends who tagged along said ” I am literally moved to tears”. It is not only the acting but also the music that will melt your hearts.

T J Gnana Vel: A feel good movie Gnana vel. The movie had a strong message, even though the content was old , I was not bored one bit. As a common man I felt the length could have been reduced and Samuthirakani’s character could have been a little more powerful. There are only a few climaxes in the industry that can be remembered after Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer this had a powerful climax.

Verdict: A romantic tale that can be enjoyed once. A story of an average guy which is above average.

Kootathil Oruthan Movie Review Retrospect

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