Meesaya Murukku Movie Review


Plot: A biography of Aadhi

Hiphop Tamizha : Did not look like this was his first movie; a lot of creativity right from the first frame till the ending credits . Aadhi has not only trusted himself , he has trusted his entire crew. Some movies will have a huge cast but none of them will be remembered once the movie gets over. But in this movie, every single member will be remembered. With no previous experience, it would be very difficult to handle a senior actor like Vivek. But, let me tell you , once you leave the screens you will have a feel that “My dad should be like Vivek for the rest of life”. Vivek plays the role of Aadhi’s father and he is a very motivating father as you would have seen in the trailer. I really loved the scenes where the villains in colleges appeared. As a director he has handled it commercially like an expert. He knew how to hold the youth’s attention and he has done it. I was very much surprised with all the whistles and claps that he received from the first scene. He has introduced all the Youtube stars on the screen , which is a very bold move. I am pretty sure now directors might think about replacing the regular comedians with these Youtube stars. It is evident that Aadhi’s life has been no easy joke, and it is evident in every scene. There were a lot of hair raising moments for me and eyes filled with happy tears. I remember back in the days the movie Boys received the same reception like this movie. I think Boys did not do well commercially. But, this movie will have a great opening in the BO Hats off Aadhi

Aathmika: First thing to be ticked of the checklist for any heroine, cute looking. Another surprise element that came from the audience while I was watching the movie was she received equal applause to Aadhi. A very balanced performance, no flaws! I wish she receives more projects in the future

Vivek: I do not have enough experience to comment on the Chinna kalaivanar. One word “APPA Da” , every kid will aspire to have a father like him, who is motivating, that character will live in the hearts

Rj Vigneshkanth: One word “Timing”, that will summarize his acting skills. Will tickle your ribs for sure! More to go brother and I am pretty sure you will have a bright future, let your Settais continue

Music: Should I even tell you , more whistles for his songs, and he is definitely a heart throb when it comes to music among the youth.

Verdict: Meesaya Mururku , the moustache is definitely majestic and everyone will leave the screens with their head raised. A good competitor for Vikram Vedha.

P.S Aadhi aka Hiphop Tamizha I would definitely give you a tight hug for the work that you have delivered through music to this society. The most important thing is you have made the youth believe that do what your heart desires with sincerity and dedication, he/she will find success in it. Education is more like monopoly where children are restricted to strict choices, this movie will break that barrier. I am pretty sure one or two young gentlemen/ladies will go back and tell their parents where their interest lies. HATS OFF Nanba

100 இளைஞர்களை கொடுங்கள் உலகை மாற்றுகிறேன் என்றார் விவேகனந்தார்
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Meesaya Murukku Movie Review

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