Pandigai Movie Review


Plot: A thrilling heist

As you all know the best movies have a short review , this is going to be short and I am going to stick to two people and credit them

Krishna Kulasekaran: I have a question for you why do you take a long time to give the best movies. Each of your movies have a unique story and this is also one of the kind. No matter what the plot is , there is a sense of complete involvement in the script. The best thing is that this actor is able to differentiate the uniqueness in the subject and dives into it and makes sure that the movie is a hit

Feroz Mohamed: First ball and goes straight into the park. When the trailer was out I wasnt sure how it was going to be. So I set my expectations low and entered the screen. Right from the first scene the director made sure that you sit at the edge of the seat. Usually some movies have a gripping first half and the second half goes let loose. But feroz has analysed each scene and has executed it perfectly. There are a few scenes which I dont have words to illustrate. If feroz reads the scenes and if there are people who have watched the movie, there is a scene where two men decide to commit an accident with a lorry , basically a planned murder. The person in the drivers seat wants to make sure that he doesnt get hurt by the jerk and he wears a stiff neck collar support. Each scene has a connect and there is no disconnect. If there was a minus to this movie , it is the romantic portions which acted as the speed breaker, aprt from that a bgm that filling the spaces to make the scenes gripping. Good cast selection right from @nithin sathya to karunas who plays a key role in the movie.

Verdict: Pandigai a movie that should be celebrated, please do watch it in theatres dont miss it

Pandigai Movie Review


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