Vikram Vedha Movie Review


Plot: The good heart that has a shade of evil and the evil with a shade of virtue.

There are a million words that come across my mind as I type this review. Sipping a hot coffee by the garden , I am wondering what I should be typing for a movie like this , because i am …………………………………………………………..
AWESTRUCK. I would like to congratulate Y Not Studios for producing this movie, they have a very nice name for their production house. Y NOT , “Will you produce good movies?” – Yeah Y NOT , “WIll your movies be exceedingly super ?” , Yeah Y NOT. Congratulations for the fourth hit in a row and a hat trick hit with Madhavan from Irudhi Sutru , Saala Khadoos, Guru to VIkram Vedha. Without delay let us dive into the dissection of each character

Madhavan Ranganathan Vijay Sethupathi: I am not going to credit any one individual here, because both have the same weights and they act as the wheels for the body. Both have attained the level where their acting skills are so sharp , that the director will realize it and will be cautious enough to use them properly. The script has been portrayed in such a way that it brings the inner beauty of both the actors. I would say that this is the best intro for Madhavan in his entire career. We would have seen cop intro’s where the hero makes the baddies go flying in the sky. Nothing like that here , a very casual intro and a bubbly cop who cracks jokes before he goes for an encounter. After seeing this scene your love for Madhavan will grow multifold. I am not going to talk more as I am afraid that this review will become a spoiler. Madhavan Ranganathan what more is left!!!!!!!. I am stunned and left speechless sir. Vijay Sethupathi , I will definitely ask him this when I see him in person “யோவ் நீ எல்லாம் மனுஷனா ” ( Are you seriously human), with his slang. He has transformed himself in a way that you can ask him to walk into the sets without illustrating his character and ask him to play the character on the spot and without a small flaw he will play it brilliantly. Nobody could have done more justice to the character Vedha than him. I am left speechless after seeing his acting. Usually the audience will hate the villain , because the directors and the script writers make sure that the audience hates him from the bottom of the heart. But I am hundred percent sure you will celebrate and adore VJS when you leave the screens. I still remember his days in PIZZA, where I heard a murmur , ‘is he the hero?’ , disgusting how can one make a choice. If that soul is still in existence , please ask for forgiveness from the lord , because VJS is a real example of “Never Judge anybody by the appearance”. And I cannot complete this without mentioning his Intro, “Go watch it in theatres to feel it”. Overall both men have turned themselves into feathers and have swayed beautifully. HATS OFF Gentlemen

Shraddha Srinath Varu Sarathkumar : Varu Sarathkumar, I have one question why dont you deliver more movies? A heroine with such potential! Bala brought out the real her through Tharai Thappatai. She appears for not more than ten minutes in this movie, but guaranteed she will live in our hearts. Shraddha Srinath , definitely a good performance after Ivan Thanthiran where she had less to play, but here the director shows that she has a purpose in the plot. She climbs one step at a time in her career and is making sure that she does it right.

Sam C S: Is that all you have got , is there anything more left. Cannot ask for more , the movie had the perfect RR, usually the audience will murmur songs , let this be the first movie where they start murmuring the BGM. GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!

Pushkar Aks and Gayathri : Both of you will be a real example to the society that demonstrates, when both the husband and wife are at the same wavelength, taste , cooperation then you can deliver something wonderful. This is a massive come back after Va. A classic association of the fairy tale of Vikramadithanum Vedhalamum to this movie. this is the only spoiler I can give. I am not writing more. All I did after seeing the movie was stand up and clap until I left the movie hall. SPLENDID!!!!!

Verdict: WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S I would have used more caps in my review, which clearly shows how this movie is and there are many hair raising, eye brow raising moments

இந்த வருடத்தில் வந்த மற்ற கெங்ஸ்டர் படங்களை “ஓரம் போ ” என்று சொல்லி ஒரு குவாட்டர் கட்டிங் அடிக்க வைத்த படம்.

Vikram Vedha Movie Review


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