Actress Jyothika At Vintage Weaves of Kanjivaram Exhibition At Tulsi Silks Mylapore Images


Actress Jyothika, Singers Aruna Sairam & Sudha Ragunathan spotted at “Vintage Weaves of Kanjivaram” exhibition of Heirloom Kanjivaram sarees by Santosh Parekh, Tulsi Silks on National Handloom Day, 6th August 2017 at Luz House, Mylapore


Tulsi Silks presents a prestigious collection of heirloom Kanjivarams, from a collection of over 2000 sarees that have been sourced and preserved over the years by designer Santosh Parekh on the occasion of National Handloom Day on the 6th August 2017. The sarees are of a vintage of 40 to 80 years, painstakingly collected one by one over a period of 10 to 12 years. They are a testimony of the history of the rich tradition of the Kanjivaram. The exhibition will take place at Luz House and is open to all saree lovers, fashion fraternity, textile enthusiasts and students of art and design.

Every saree in the collection has a story to tell. Most of them have been rescued and bought from hawkers, literally snatched from the fire. The weavers and their traditional artistry have been diminishing drastically in the modern era. We may have lost several techniques & knowledge in the process. Best example is the original 3 shuttle loom. A very few of them remain and at this rate we may lose all of them in the next 20 years if not preserved.

According to data available India has 95% of all handlooms in the world. Handlooms and handicrafts are our second largest industry after farming. This very well may be used to our advantage. There is a need to innovate and reinvent the Kanjivaram and come out with other products apart from Sarees. As part of preserving, maintaining and encouraging the existing weaving community, Tulsi Silks has managed to hold on to some of these looms & recreate a few of these sarees. There is a huge demand for them.

Through this initiative Tulsi Silks aims to bring to light the relevance of weaving, earning the weaving community the respect & support they deserve. This exhibit will help educate those who have not seen and maybe not aware of the kind of weaves prevalent then.

“Hopefully it will also inspire others to collect and document, thereby resulting in greater awareness and continuation of this great art for generations to cherish”, says Santosh Parekh founder, Tulsi Sarees.

Venue: Luz House, Mylapore
Date: Monday, 7th August 2017

Actress Jyothika At Vintage Weaves of Kanjivaram Exhibition At Tulsi Silks Mylapore Images


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