Rajan Oral Cancer Centre launched on Wednesday 30th August 2017 Press Release


Chennai 30th August 2017: ROCC – Rajan Oral Cancer Centre the first centre in Tamil Nadu, dedicated entirely for Oral Cancer and Pre- Cancer launched on 30th August 2017, at Hotel Savera in the Presence of Nawab of Arcot Mohamed Abdul Ali & Cancer Survivor and inspirational speaker Neeraja Malik.

The function was well attended by people from all walks of life. Oral cancer is a leading problem in India and accounts for the highest percentage of Cancer, in men and third highest in woman. Predominantly a life style disease, Oral Cancer is caused by chewing tobacco.

The importance of early detection for Oral Cancer was stressed. To spread awareness, Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali (Prince of Arcot), Chief guest released a “Mouth Cancer Self examination” animated video, first of its kind, designed by ROCC, as a public health initiative.

Most of the patients are from lower strata of the society and the Rajan Oral Cancer Centre extends great support and flexibility in terms of cost and also supports the unfortunate via Sankalp, an NGO into spreading cancer awareness based in Chennai.

ROCC consists of a comprehensive team of doctors with similar ideology to treat and prevent Oral Cancer. The vision for the centre was seen by Dr. Gunaseelan Rajan, and the centre is named RAJAN ORAL CANCER CENTRE after the late Dr.B.P.Rajan, founder of RAJAN DENTAL HOSPITAL and an eminent dental surgeon in Tamil Nadu.

There are various approaches to treating Oral Cancer. Every patient may not respond to the same treatment. The team at Rajan Oral Cancer Centre advice on the best treatment option available for the individual. Apart from Cancer treatment & Surgery, they also help fix dental features of the cured patients or those who have undergone surgery.

The Nawab of Arcot Mohamed Abdul Ali along with the other panel members encouraged the audience and media to spread further awareness about oral cancer.

Oral Cancer is a lifestyle disease limited to our subcontinent and for the same reasons further research on the treatment and cure of the disease too is limited to the subcontinent. There need to be a higher level of awareness & initiatives to counter Oral Cancer

Rajan Oral Cancer Centre launched on Wednesday 30th August 2017 Press Release


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