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The Plot
Reunion of three friends who haven’t heard from each other for the past 35 years and what happens during their reunion and how they relate a lot of things in the present days with their times back in school..

MAGLIR MATTUM is a movie that has a very important social message in favour of the women in our society which is portrayed in a very beautiful manner and a light way.

It’s really nice to see Jo frequently on the the screen and we are expecting more from her in her future ventures , compared to her performance in 36 vayadhinilae , there Is more of the old Jo we can see in this movie, her character in the movie is a naughty , matured, tuff, modern and practices the profession of a documentary film maker / journalist its quite confusing when you come across the character specifications given to you about Join the film right ? that’s how it is actually a fully empowered free and an independent thinking woman .

The lead characters in the film that are important other than Jo’s character is Urvashi who has done the role of a widow who also takes tutions for the local school kids and who is going to be the mother in law of Jo, Saranya Ponnvannan married to Livingston and also beautician who has settled in Hydrabad and last but not the least Banupriya a housewife of a politician (played by Nassar) located in the city of AGRA

Pavel Naganeethan

Music by-Ghibran
Edited by – C. S. Prem

Company -2D Entertainment and Chris Pictures
Distributed by-Sakthi Film Factory

Release date -15 September 2017
Running time-140 mins

Verdict : A must watch family entertainment

Rating : 3.5/5

Magalir Mattum Movie Review Retrospect


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