Neruppu Da Movie Review Retrospect


Nerupada Review
Directed by Ashok Kumar
Produced by Vikram Prabhu @Esakki Durai @R. K. Ajaykumar
Written by B. Ashok Kumar
Starring Vikram Prabhu, Nikki Galrani @Varun
Music by Sean Roldan
Cinematography Rd Rajasekar
Edited by Thiyagu
Production company First Artist Chandra Arts
Distributed by Cine Innovations

Plot: Story of five youngsters who fight their way to become fire fighters

Vikram Prabhu: Whenever I hear Vikram’s voice it greatly reminds me of Prabhu sir, the dialogue in the first scene greatly reminded of him and he can rightly be called Prabhu Jr. There is one thing that has to be noted about Vikram Prabhu, all his movies have a good opening scene. The first 15 minutes are an interesting watch. I am sorry to say but it is the fact , there is a dip in Vikram’s graph. His first few movies were a good hit and after that he has tried to deliver commercial mass masala movies that are quite not working out. Being producer, he should have tweaked the script or at least should have reduced the running time of the movie. If he had given equal importance to the first half and the second half like he had given for the last twenty minutes , this movie would have been a great hit. He is an artist with great caliber but fails in his selection.

Nikki Galrani: Why isnt Nikki selecting movies were she has a great screen space to perform. Maragatha Nanayam , Yaagavarayinum naakaaka were notable films. Unfortunately she has less to play in this movie

Sean Roldan: All the numbers were good , the the RR was excellent as well. But the songs will not be registered in your mind because of the wrong placements. But on the whole, it is a good album

Rd Rajasekar: Great camera work , one of the biggest positives of the movie is the cinematography. I loved the scenes which had top angle shots and it covered the entire Slaterpuram and was a sight to watch.

@Ashok Kumar: I wouldnt say he has not tried hard. He has tried hard and wants to surprise the audience in every scene. It is fine if there are surprise elements at places. He has tried to keep it in all the places and it goes in vain. The first half was solid except the romantic portions. The second half did not find a way and it took route into a no man zone. Indeed the climax was a twist , but the spoils in the second half did not make it interesting. With such a good strong star cast the movie should have been a lot better. Mottai Rajendran cannot be a complete lifesaver and even his tantrums did not work out that much

Verdict: Neruppu da , the script and screenplay looses the fire.

Rating : 2.75/5

Progress meter : Movie: 😊🤐🤔😡😮

Neruppu Da Movie Review Retrospect


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