#OneHeart The #ARRahman #Concert Film Movie Review

One Heart The A R Rahman Concert Movie Review

Cast: A.R.Rahman, Ann Marie Calhoun, Haricharan Seshadri, Jonita Gandhi, Karthikeyan Devarajan, Keba Jeremiah, Mohini Dey, Sanket Athale
Direction: YM Movies
Screenplay: YM Movies
Story: YM Movies
Music: A.R.Rahman
Background score: A.R.Rahman
Cinematography: Anu Gunn Editing: Amith Krishnan, Hashim Zain, Nasreen Munni Kabir
Art direction: Alex Reardon
Production: Saira Rahman, YM Movies
PRO: Yuvraaj
Release Date : Sep 08,2017
Movie Run Time : 1 Hour 27 Minutes
Censor Rating : U
Produced by Karan Grover -executive producer
Nazeef Mohammed -executive producer: A.R. Rahman
Ym Movies -producer
Saira Rahman -producer Film
Editing by Nasreen Munni Kabir
Amith Krishnan
Hashim Zain
Costume Design by Saira Rahman costume designer for AR Rahman

ONE HEART ….. a first of its kind brand new style of filming introduced to Indian cinema.

If you are Familiar with The King Of Pop’s THIS IS IT, you will have an idea how this movie is gonna look like on screen. The difference between the two movies is that THIS IS IT shows the rehearsal and ONE HEART shows the concert This is a movie that will be relished and celebrated by every music lover.

Watching THE MOZART OF MADRAS on big screen for the first time was a totally blissful experience. Celebrating 25 years of RAHMANIA in a different way.

P.S: This is not a review ,this is a note from a fan who enjoyed the concert .. but in a different way..!!
From the first frame till the end credits the smile on my face was constant, Being a hardcore ARR fan, I went in with expectation from the top of my playlist But it was not what I expected .. it was a 1000 times beyond. The concert opened with the song DIL SE from DIL SE the smile started there!!!!!

The project chronicles the music director’s concert tour across 14 cities, and features accompanying artistes such as Ranjit Barot on the drums, Jonita Gandhi and Haricharan on the Vocals, Keba Jerimiah on the guitar, Anette Philip as the pianist who has also done a beautiful Jazz performance alongside Rahman sir, internet sensation Mohini Dey on the bass and the amazing Ann Marie Calhoun on the violin which makes you go crazy . Thye movie has been conceptualized as a tribute to the Mozart of Madras completing 25 years in the film industry

There is nothing more to say about this concert movie because this is one of a kind and this is not a movie, it is an experience, an experience which only Rahman can serve you, that can be relished every single second because frame after frame you are just gonna fall in love with the entire band completely, because..you gotta watch it and experience it there is no way that I can share it with words

Behind the screen people who worked on it are !!

Verdict : Most watch for every Rahmaniac!!

One Heart The A R Rahman Concert Movie Review


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