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Inspired from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Myskkin has delivered a gripping suspense thriller again, adapting the base characters from the Sherlock Holmes i.e, SHERLOCK and JOHN WATSON, and renovating their characters to be suitable for the local audience. It is a tough task and it has actually worked really well here.

The story starts when a school kid comes in search of the detective( Vishal) and asks him to take up a case in return for his pocket money of Rs. 837 saved in a piggy bank. Vishal finds the case interesting and starts to investigate along with his friend/ colleague Prassana’s help which unfolds a big mystery box which is where the actual story begins..

Vishal who’s character has shades of Benedict from the Sherlock series with a slightly lower temper and also plays the Harmonica. It was really nice to watch a mass hero play a challenging role and Vishal has done justice to it. Prasanna has also done a good amount of homework and given his best. Anu Immaneuel who has done the female lead in this film had an intro that is quite different from the usual, yet she does not have much of a role to play in the first half of the film. But, they have given her importance in the second half. On the negative belt, we have Vinay who has done the negative lead alongside Bhagyaraj, Andrea Jerrmiah and John Vijay. It was really surprising to see Vinay in a poisonous role compared to his previous films. I think this is the best performance his so far. Bhagyaraj who is really famous for his voice and screenplays so far will get new recognition from this film for potraying a negative character with just 5-6 lines in the entire story. It is really tough doing such a challenging role at his age. Andrea Jermmiah plays a really rough and tough character and has done really well in the action sequences she is present in. John Vijay has done a bit of a comical character which was an add-on in the film and i can bet on it saying that no one other than John could have done the role. Simran who has done a guest appearance in the film has also nailed her character in the second half.

About The Technicians
Without this wonderful crew this movie wouldn’t have been what it is today, I would like to give a special mention to the following members of the crew

Karthik who is the cinematographer of the film who has given us amazing shots and showing us the residence of Vishal and Prasanna very beautifully . Arrill Corelli has studied Mysskin’s need completely and has given exactly what he wanted in the movie and has handled the violin like a beautiful new born baby with a lot of love and has also used the Harmonica in this film which was nice. Arun Kumar, the editor, has embroidered each cut amazingly should also get a lot of appreciation. Amaran A who is the Art Director has done an extremely satisfying job in each frame and I saved the last one for the best , yes, i am talking about the stunts and the fights directed by Dinesh Kasi who has given 3 solid action blocks in the film, specially the one with the Vietnamese fighters and the action sequence in the climax.

Verdict: An Adventure for all ages and gripping suspense thriller to watch on the big screen!

The overall rating for this movie from Times of Cinema : 3.5/5

Thupparivaalan Movie Review Retrospect


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