Aayirathil Iruvar Movie Review Retrospect


A new attempt by Saran with an old concept
Saran is known for his hits like Gemini, Amarkalam, Asal and a few more but you can’t expect the same from this film. To many sub-plots takes our concentration for a toss and we come to a point where we scratch our heads the most important part is DUAL ROLE!!!


Twins – enemies from the mother’s womb,splits at a very young age what happens when they meet after years and … ummm oh god my head is spinning!!! Watch and you will find your head spinning too.


Vinay, seeing him as a ruthless villain in THUPPARIVALAN watching him in this movie who proudly keeps saying, “I’m a hacker; I’m a hooker”! our heart breaks , yet we can put this behind and move on. Next the heroines of the film .. they have done what they are instructed to do this applies to SWASTIKA, SAMUNDHRIKA and KESHA BIGG BOSS fame KAJAL PASUPATHI can also be mentioned for her shade

Plus points

some of the comedy, especially the Arul Doss portions, does work, and the nuttiness of the premise keeps things somewhat entertaining, but most of it feels been there seen that.

Overall Rating by TIMESOFCINEMA BOARD : 2/5

Aayirathil Iruvar Movie Review Retrospect


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