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Julie2 Trailer Review

Deepak shivdasani is back with Julie 2. This movie is a sequel of Julie released in 2004. The film is going to be released world wide on October 6th.

Raai lakshmi has done her debut in bollywood. This movie would definitely be a turning point in her career.

Recently Julie 2’s trailer has been released. Based on the trailer this movie is expected to have a story line of a heroine’s life. The story revolves around a girl named ‘Julie’ who aspires to have a fame in the film industry as to which she comprises with those people who promised to make her a star. As the story runs through there comes a group of people who threatens to kill her. Remaining plot of the film would be on how Julie manages to keep up her fame and also get rid of the threatening group. As to give a special mention, the back ground score in the trailer was amazing.

There is a great expectation among the audience for the BOLD…BEAUTIFUL…BLESSED ‘JULIE 2’.

Julie2 Movie Trailer Review


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