Kalavu Thozhirchalai Movie Review Retrospect



An idol smuggler comes to a village to steal a Shiva idol worth 600 crores accompanied by a local thief for help. On their tails is an police officer. What happens next? Watch the movie and find out the rest


Vamsi Krishna, the actor we have seen mostly as villain in many movies showcases superb performance as an intelligent smuggler. Kalanjiyam who arrives as the police officer to sort out the case. An interesting supporting role is done by veteran actor Senthil who provides a couple of laughs here and there. Kathir who is back after a gap this might be his break. Kushi who has done opposite to Kathir shouldn’t have cried so much.


Director Krishnasamy has created a type of movie that audiences of this generation would love to watch. Thiyagaraja’s camerawork has really the narration .Shyam Benjamin’s background score could have been better.

Overall Rating by TimesOfCinema: 2.75/5

Kalavu Thozhirchalai Movie Review Retrospect


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