#Smule Event Post Release


This is not an app…but a family !! Smile of music..SMULE a place where people share happiness through music…

On 1st oct, the popular online app smule had a get together among their members. This event happened in a small level as many dint know about this. Basically smule is an app in which we get to sing and listen others singing. In this event they had many smule singers singing on stage. People from various places met and shared their experiences in music. This app is a platform for many people who are interested in singing but couldn’t establish themselves as singers. The smulians are planning to have a get together in a bigger level from next year. They also specified that they weren’t a group but were a family and that wasn’t an event but a family get together. These people gathered together for music and because of music !!

Smule Event Post Release


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