SOLO Movie Review Retrospect


Solo is a Malayalam-Tamil bilingual anthology film, which features Dulquer Salmaan in the lead role. Bejoy Nambiar known for his works like Saithan in Hindi and David in both Tamil and Hindi has come out with a successful experimental anthology film. This is his debut into the Malayalam film industry ,Apart from directing, Bejoy has Tagged along with Abaam Films and Getaway Films as a producer.

Solo consists of four different stories that do not have any connection to one another. DK plays four characters i.e., Shekhar, Trilok, Shiva, and Rudra. Dulquer has done more than justice to all the four characters in the film. The four stories represent four different elements, water, wind, earth, and fire.

Though there is no connection between the 4 characters (Dk) love, revenge, rage, pain, and loss are covered in all the episodes and is a complete entertainment package. The director complicated narrative skills which makes us concentrate in depth TBH frame by frame concentration is required. Solo has 4 female leads Sai Dhansika, Arthi Venkatesh, Neha Sharma, and Sruthi Hariharan. Apart from Dhansika,

The tough part with anthologies is that you need to establish 4 different characters, get people involved, create tension, finish it and start the same process again. People who don’t have a problem with switching their mind from one story to another would treat Solo differently from the ones who are not used to the concept.

A menacing gangster, a college student, a veterinary doctor and an army officer are the four roles that DK plays and the minus point in the movie is each story can be watched separately

Solo is a film and where the technical team has followed the director religiously get his thoughts to a reality. Solo’s soundtrack has about 22 songs composed by 12 music directors. 3 cinematographers in the film is another power house for Bejoy.The dialogues of Karthik Iyer has made us feel,cry,get emotional,raged and most importantly laugh alongside Art director Amaran deserves a double pat on the shoulders.

Verdict : This movie will be relished by people who are in love and is for all ages. A must watch in theatres!!!

Rating : The Overall Rating of Times Of Cinema Board is: 3/5


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