Theru Naaigal Movie Review Retrospect


This revenge saga that is usual has undergone a different treatment and process at the hands of Hari.


What happens if ordinary men come together to kidnap a powerful MLA for his crooked plan to destroy the welfare of their place by implementing a dangerous chemical factory forms the main plot of Theru Naaigal. (I could refer it to Neduvasal)


Cinematography by Thalapathy Ratnam captures the moods well and the tone of the film keeps the audience glued. Good editing could have trimmed the already short movie further. Music by Harish and Sathish.The back ground score is decent while the songs are a speed breaker. Dialogues are OK while direction is quite decent.

Plus points

catchy title, noble theme and the duration (1hr 40 minutes). But as a movie, Theru Naaigal lacks the spark to be an intriguing vigilante thriller. The writing lacks quality, except for Imman Annachi none of the actors including Mime Gopi, Madhusudhana Rao, and Appukutty attract us.


The Romance part was blunt and unnecessary ,and the bigger one is APPUKUTTY

Overall rating by TimesOfCinema Board : 2.75/5

Theru Naaigal Movie Review Retrospect


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