Julie2 Movie Review Retrospect


Deepak wanted to make a film like Fashion in Bollywood or even like the dirty picture, hopefully that’s what he had on his mind. Raai Laxmi has been in some of the good films like Vamanan, Mangatha, Aranmanai etc but what we see in Julie is sort of erotic


the struggle of a girl who started her journey from 14 where she started getting sexually harassed, the film goes on exaggerating with every single male that comes in Julie’s life a director, cricketer, business man and many more, everyone wants a physical relationship with her. The movie adds-on some political colours to enhance the audience but fails to impress, there is nothing special about Julie 2 at all which includes even the glamorous portions of Laxmi.

A movie which has tried to portray a journey of an actress but has misguided itself to an erotic thriller which fails to impress the audience

Julie2 Movie Review Retrospect


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