#AIYAI Movie – Wrathful Soul Project Press Release


YSA Screen Media is a production company based in Australia, currently working on a film production titled ‘AIYAI – A Wrathful Soul’
AIYAI is an English & Hindi bilingual feature film, predominantly in English.

Genre: Psychological Horror-Thriller
Target Audience: Worldwide
Production Schedule (Shoot) : 40 Days
Location: Queensland, Australia
Release Date: Mid 2018

Origin of the ‘AIYAI’ title
‘AIYAI’ is an Indian word used centuries back to describe a homeless clan of people living in a parallel world to the common population (e.g. similar to the film title ‘Avatar’ which is from Sanskrit). A pivotal character in the story is a homeless junkie living a painful life, inflicted by negative elements and suffers a brutal death. The result is an unforgiving spirit in seek of revenge (a Wrathful Soul).

KIRAN is an Indian student living in Australia who becomes plagued by mysterious tragedies, unknowing to him. While these events perplex the police and investigators, Kiran’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic with each tragedy – he experiences visions of events he is unable to understand or explain. Little does he realize that he is the conduit for an unknown spirit who lures victims to their chilling fates, The wrathful soul.
Why Kiran? Why was he chosen, or is there a reason at all? Will he be able to escape?

To know more about the movie AIYAI checkout the Facebook page
https://www.facebook.com/aiyai featurefilm

International Movie DataBase IMDB already has the listing of this upcoming film full listing of Cast.
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt72 09472/?ref_=nv_sr_8

AIYAI Movie – Wrathful Soul Project Press Release


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