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Aval, this movie has given a new bench mark to all the tamil horror films. ‘Aval’ the title means ‘she’ which has been beautifully justified in this film. All the tamil audience who had got their minds set for comical horror films would get a refreshing new experience by seeing this film.

The film’s story basically revolves around a Doctor who stays with his wife leading a peaceful life. They would have a neighbour family who had shifted new to that place. After they have entered into the house they would face a lot of bad oman inside the house. Some or the other way that would also reflect in the doctor’s house. The interval block of the film is the major place that gives the audience a curiosity. How would both the family escape from the bad oman is the remaining half through which the movie travels. The film gives the audience a nail bitting experience sitting at the edge of their seats. The film also has a lot of twist and turns which would give the audience a thrilling experience. The climax of the film also includes a social message in spite of the thrilling experience.

A good movie reflects its creative technical team. This combination has worked out perfectly in this film. The biggest plus point in this film is its back ground score. The music for the movie is done by girish.G. A horror movie always needs to have a perfect bgm to make the audience feel the experience of thrill which has been perfectly done in this film. This film is edited by lawrence kishore and the cinematography is done by shreyaas Krishna.

Actor siddharth who has written and produced this film has done the lead role in it. Andrea jeremiah has equally done a perfect role. The other lead roles are Anisha victor and atul kulkarni. All the actors in this film have done an equal level of performance making it difficult for us to list the best.

Milind rau is the director and writer of this film who has given the tamil audience a refreshing view for horror genre.

Over all this movie is a perfect horror genre. Focusing on the element of horror alone we would have a great thrilling experience in watching this film. This movie has been certified as ‘A’.

Aval Movie Review Retrospect


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