En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom Movie Review Retrospect


En aaloda seruppa kanom is a 2017 romantic film written and directed by K.P.Jagan. He is directing this film after a long gap of 9 years after his previous venture Raman Thediya Seethai .

The plot of the film revolves around the heroines missing pair of slippers and some how this is connected with the kidnap of the heroines father by the militants in syria . Krishna takes up the secret mission of finding those missing slippers of the heroine as he has a bad past with her . Will the slipper be found and will her father return safely ! This forms the rest of the films story !

The two leads are played by Tamizh of golisoda fame and Anandhi . The rest of the cast contains Yogibabu in a comical role , Balasaravanan , Jayaprakash , Livingston , and many more .

Tamizha , doing the lead role for the first time did a neat job . His role demanded more emotions but he delivered what was needed . But he could hav performed better in many more situations . Anandhi plays a girl next door in this film and shines out in the film apart from the other casts . The makeup was poor but she scored in many scenes . Yogibabu did not add much of a value to the cast but his few one liners worked out in few scenes . Ks Ravikumar played a polititian in the film but from an artist like him the director could have extracted a better role to play .

Music does not glorify the out put of the film and the songs were average to listen to . Some scenes had a few good background scores but it was not spectacular .

All praises goes to the conematographer as the movie had high points in visuals ! The total outlook of cuddalore was greatly shown and was perfect to the movie . The editor could have ted out a lot of scenes as it would have given a fast movrment to the films pace .

So overall , the story had something different to tell but poor execution and many cliched scenes withdrew the films attention away .

Verdict. :- a different plotline with a same dull treatment mad this movie a average watch


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