“I Like Thala Ajith Sir Very Much” Says BIGG BOSS Fame Actor Arav Interview | TOC


Arav, who entered the house as a commoner, slowly developed a fan following. “I know I am here only because of the people who voted for me. I am immensely grateful to them. But there were days, before I understood the game, when I felt like I was breaking down,” he says. It was never about winning the show, according to him. “I was more concerned about my journey and reputation,” he says.

Arav believed that Ganesh Venkatraman or Snehan would win the title. “Right from the beginning, they were tough competitors and participated in every task wholeheartedly. I knew they’d travel with me for a long time on the show, and that’s what happened. Honestly, I’d have been happy if they had won the title too. They have come to mean a lot to me,” he smiles.

Arav had acted in Saithan before he became a household name, thanks to Bigg Boss. “I am keen on establishing myself as a good actor. I have a few directors approaching me for lead roles. I am open to doing negative roles as well. At the end of the day, only the script matters,” he says.

We begin discussing the Oviya episodes. There were some “misunderstandings”, Arav says. “I knew Oviya was interested in me, but I thought she was just playing around. Once I realised it was serious, I told her it won’t work out. She was also confused and not in the right state of mind.”

Would Arav sign a film if it starred Oviya? “Absolutely. Why not? We are still good friends. I am ready. She even congratulated me on the stage and I guess she’s happy that I won the title. If people want to see us together on screen, I am up for it,” he says.


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