“If you cry, you can win Bigg Boss Title” Gayathri Raghuram | TOC


The inmates nominate Bharani, as everyone anticipated, Ganja Karuppu and Oviya for elimination this week. Everyone felt Bharani is attention-seeking, disrespectful, intimidating and mostly annoying. He got the unanimous majority (nine votes) among housemates. Ganja Karuppu got the second most nominations for elimination. Oviya said he is very short-tempered, and that she’s a little scared about his attitude.

Bharani then cried in front of the bathroom camera and requested Bigg Boss to send him home soon. He also confessed that he’s been controlling his anger as sought by his wife before the show.

While Vaiyapuri and Ganja Karuppu discussed the eligible candidates for upcoming weeks’ eliminations, Ganesh Venkatraman hinted that there could be a wild card entry, which might open doors for new contestants.


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