Indrajith Movie Review Retrospect


Indrajith is a mindless action fantasy adventure to boost the action hero image of Gautham Karthik. he has tried his hand at an action movie tagged with humour. The director of the film, Kalaa Prabu, made his debut with the soft romantic film Sakkarakatti almost a decade ago. Both of them were looking for a different genre within the commercial format.


It is a tamil inspiration of the Indiana Jones films. A retired archaeological professor Mayilvaganan (Sachin Khedekar) settled in Goa is in search of a Magical stone from the sun mentioned in the holy books. It is supposed to be a cure for all diseases like cancer. The professor forms a team of youngsters, and one among them is the happy-go-lucky Indrajith (Gautham Karthik), who is an adventure junkie. Meanwhile Kapil Sharma (Sudhanshu Pandey), head of Archaeological Survey of India also an old student of Mayilvaganan is also in search of the precious stone. There is a route map to get to the stone which is located somewhere in the dense forests in the north eastern region of India. Indrajith manages to find the route map, and along with the professor goes on a trip into the dense forests filled with Naxalites, and Kapil is on their tails.

The film has an interesting plot, but has a weak narration and there are too many logical flaws in it. The film has been made to give Gautham Karthik an action hero image, which is essential for an actor looking for stardom in Tamil cinema. It is a tailor-made role for Gautham as the easy-going guy who does the impossible. The film has been long in the making, and this fact shows. The two actresses, Sonarika and Ashrita, are there solely for the songs and some glamour. The supporting cast comprising Sachin Khedekar and Sudhanshu Pandey are impressive in their brief roles.

The forest locations in Kerala and Andhra are eye catching and the CGI work gives it a lush look like the forests in South America. The top angle shots taken by cameraman Rasamathi are impressive, as is the background score provided by KP.

The Overall review From Times of Cinema review board is 2.75/5

Indrajith Movie Review Retrospect


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