Theeran Adhigaram Ondru Movie Review Retrospect


CAST : Karthi , Rakul Preet Singh , Bose Venkat , Abhimanyu Singh , Sathyan , and many more …


The plot revolves a group of decoits , who rob the common people by brutally attacking them . Some were reported injured and some dead . This comes under the direct supervision of Dheeran Thirumaran (Karthi) and he takes over the case . Does he find the head of the group ? Does he arrest everyone who is behind this murder ? These questions will be answered in the film .

H.Vinoth , the director of the super hit film , Sathuranga Vettai , strikes back again with this crime drama thriller . The fast and racy screenplay helped the film reach it’s attainable destination . These cater to all centre audiences . There is no force fitted heroic punch dialogues, humor or songs . The romantic portions had a little dip in the pace of the film , yet did not deviate it’s story line . All brutal murders were shown on a raw basis , yet it fits in right as the story demanded those scenes .

Karthi looks fit for his role and his performance and charisma shines as a police officer. He has worked hard,from his looks to his posture to play the role, that perfectly fit the script . On the other hand Rakul Preet singh plays Priya, Dheeran’s wife, and steals the crowd with her cute expressions . Unlike her last venture, she had a pretty big role to play . Bose Venkat was one of the gems among the cast as he plays a perfect cop and emotes well for different scenarios . He was one amongst the best pick for the script .Sathyan did not have a huge role to play in the movie. Many situational comedy works with the audience .

Gibran was obviously the second lead to the film as his BGM were apt according to the situations, emotions and the locations.The songs sound pleasant and it does not deviate from the film’s course The audiences were wrapped up with his racy BGM .

The cinematographer Sathyan Sooryan , had a quite impressive camera work done . He was able to adapt to the Films pace and give a equally fast and clear camera work .

There were no lag in the film’s pace , thanks to the editor , T.Sivanandeeswaran as he has sharply edited the film and there was no single place were the audiences left a piece of information from the film .

Overall , the film With its fast moving screen play and brilliant performances from the lead and a equally good background score from the music director keeps the audiences at the edge of their seats till the end credits .

VERDICT : There is one more gem to tamil cinema in the crime thriller genre and h.Vinoth

creates yet another milestone .

RATING – 3.5 / 5

Theeran Adhigaram Ondru Movie Review Retrospect


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