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The versatile director who had directed ‘Aval peyar tamilarasi’ has come back with ‘VIZHITHIRU’. Vizhithiru is a thriller drama which is to be released on 3rd of November.

This movie basically revolves around four different stories. The movie begins with a scene where a group of politicians who have committed a crime tries to escape from it using their political influence. On the other hand the director shows the life of 4 different people. A man who has come to city for his survival leaving his mother and sister in his village. A blind father and daughter. A rich person who thinks that money can buy anything in this world and two robbers. The main plot of this movie is how all these four set of people gets trapped in by the politicians shown in the very first scene. The movie travels with a curiosity on how all these four stories will get connected and how they get rid of it.

Krishna, Vidharth, venkat prabhu, Dhanshika, Baby sara, rahul bhaskar, Abhinaya and erica fernandes have done the main roles in this film. The cast also includes Thambi Ramaya, s.p.b. charan, sudha, nagendra babu and many others. T. Rajendar has given a special appearance in this film. Over all this film has a huge team of talented cast.

This film is written and directed by Meera kathiravan. This is his second film after his debut ‘aval peyar tamilarasi’. Sathyan magalingam has done the music for this film. The back ground score has to be given a special mention which kept the audience connected with the movie. The cinematography is done by vijay milton. The camera works in the film is amazing. This film is edited by praveen and N.B. srikanth.

Overall this film is a complete thriller drama which can be enjoyed by every group of audience. The element of curiosity remains through out the movie which keeps the audience connected.

Vizhithiru Movie Review


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