Annadurai Movie Review Retrospect


Annadurai is a rural fanily drama film written and directed by G.Srinivasan . The plot revolves around the two twin brothers , Annadurai and Thambidurai and how their life takes a leap when they have the rage of a local MLA and how it affets their family of Annadurai forms the rest of the story

Vijoy antony plays Annadurai and Thambidurai shines as action hero and brings in alot more emotions to these roles . I would say that he has done full justice to this role. The new entry Diana Champika did not have much of a role and her acting too was not upto the mark . Udhay raj kumar brings in teer to the film as his role was picth perfect to the script . Kali venkat , Radharavi , Jewel Mary and mahima have given decent justification to their roles .

The cinematographer shines with his angles for various action sequences and was also impecable at showing the protagost.

The editor played a good role at shaping the movie to what it is now as the cuts were good and neat too and the credit goes to Vijay Antony as he was the editor too .

The mudic was to the disadvantage as there were monotonous background score and below average songs.

Overall this film would cater the B and C centre audiences but to the A centered audiences this movie would be another usual village family drama as there are lots of films like these earlier . Slow first half , unuseful songs and a guessable plot makes this film a dull affair for the general audiences . On the success graph of the actor Vijay Antony this is a dip and it was not his best afterall .

TimesOfCinema Verdict :– Guessable screenplay with a mediocre script mad this film a dull affair .

TimesOfCinema Rating : 2/5


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