Aruvi Movie Review Retrospect


Aruvi is a Tamil language film written and directed by the debutant Arun Prabu Purushothaman . This movie has Aditi Balan and Anjali Varathan in the lead roles . This movie is totally a women centric film which has a strong content on how a girl is affected by various factors and how she is the one who is always blamed upon . This forms the basic plot of the story . This story deals with various problems faced by women in the society.

The story according to the name of the protagonist Aruvi spreads joy through wherever she flows. This character is played by Aditi Balan and she has delivered a performance nothing short of excellent. She has emoted where it was really needed and played it subtle in some scenes. Be it an angry dialogue or a strong messaged dialogue or an emotional dialogue, she just managed it with absolute perfection . She exposed such matured acting in the movie as a whole.

The next eminent character that travels throughout the movie is Anjali Varathan. She has played the transgender in the movie. She is one in real life too. These kinds of roles give confidence to others like Anjali Varathan to achieve in their life. She has played a good hard hitting role as Emily on the screen, who is seen as the dearest friend to Aruvi . She scores with her various emotions. She makes us laugh through the situational humor and also brings heavy heartedness through her emotional scenes. As an actor she has excelled through this film.

Mohammad Ali Baig plays a Hindi cop in the film as Shakeel . His character sketch is something that demanded a rough police officer with a calm mind and we would say that he justified it with his neat performance.

Pradeep Antony plays Peter and he too has delivered his best . Swetha Sekar plays Aruvi’s estranged college friend and she did not have much of a role attached to the film but neat performances by her too .Lakshmi Gopalaswamy plays as Shoba Parthasarathy who anchors a TV show and excellent performance by her too .

Music as we would say is a major plus to the film as the music not only narrates the story to the audiences but also amplified the emotions to the audiences. Bindhu Malini and Vedanth Bharathwaj are the music directors of this film. There was a lot of carnatic backing to the background score and to the songs, thanks to Vedant’s experience as a carnatic vocalist and musician .

We would say that the Art director, the cinematographer and the editor are a complementary package for this film . Chitti Babu , art director, has done production designs according to what the script demanded . The cinematographers totally showed us the beautiful side of the village, the racy police investigation scenes and the comical funny moments. Different colours were added to the different types of emotional scenes . The cinematographer is Shelly Calist . The editor had his job done right. Raymond Derrick Crasta has given fast cuts , interloops , and overlaps which were really needed for the movie we would say .

The costumes were apt for each scenes thanks to the costume designer Vasuki Bhaskar .

Overall Aruvi will give all the cinema lovers a visual treat both visually and mentally as this movie will be life changer and an eye opener for many. This movie will be the next level of cinematic experience. This will capture all centre audiences due to the simple story with quite an unnatural screenplay which would surprise the audiences. No movie will make one cry that easy. Aruvi will be that kind of a movie.

TimesOfCinema verdict :- as told by a famous Director , Martin Scorsese “ good movies come eveyday day but one great film appear only once in a decade “ This is the great film that has to be celebrated.

TimesOfCinema Rating :- 3.75 / 5

Aruvi Movie Review Retrospect


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