Balloon Movie Review Retrospect


Take any moment horror film tops the trend ! But most of the horror based films are usually horror comedy in the case of south cine industry , which was very recently Broken by Aval . On the same horror comedy genre comes Balloon . Does it stay with in the hands of the audience or does it fly away ! Let us take a look at this review .

Balloon is a Horror comedy film directed by Sinish after a long gap . The casts include Jai , Anjali , Janani Iyer , Yogi babu and many more with the fabulous music of our own Yuvan .

The plot revolves around a aspiring director and hos producer asks him to make a horror script . So he takes a journey to ooty to read about a mansion . But his journey is filled with supernatural elements . Where does it connect it with our hero forms the rest of the plot .

Jai does a moderate job at his role and Anjali scored at many places . Janani iyer could have had a big role for her self as her role on what she did was fabulous . Yogi babu occupied the audiences for a long time with his fantastic counters and specific one liners .

Going on the technical aspects cinematography was a job well done as his transition from dark to light was enjoyable . Yuvan’s bgm gave goosebumps in a lot of situations which helped the nature if the film but yet the songs were offbeat . Screenplay for the first half was at its best and in the second half many flashback portions could have been trimmed as it slowed the pace of the film . The vfx felt tacky at places and brought in a lot of artificialness to the audiences .

Times Of Cinema Verdict :- Overall a very good attempt by the director and a enjoyable movie for the audiences .

TimesOfCinema Rating :- 2.75 / 5

Balloon Movie Review Retrospect


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