Kodiveeran Movie Review Retrospect


Cast – Sasikumar , Mahima Nambiar , Pasupathi , Inderkumar , Poorna , Sanusha , Balasaravanan , Viddharth
Writer and Director – Muthaiah Producer – Company Productions Music – NR Ragunandhan Cinematographer – SR Kathir Editor – Venkatarajan Art Director – Sekar Stunts – Super Subburayan , Dilip Subburayan , Dinesh Subburayan Production executive – Muthuramalimgam Executive Producer – Ashok Kumar
PRO – Nikkil

Kodiveeran is a rural action drama film directed by Muthaiah . This film tells us about the conflict between Kodiveeran and “Villangam” vellaikaran and how this conflict affects their family . Kodiveeran is a person who is the most respected person in the village . He plans to wed her to Subash Chandra Bose who is the RDO who filed a case against “Villangam” Vellaikaran For his and his brother in law’s criminal activities and subashe,s life is in danger . Will Kodiveeran save his brother in law against all odds forms the crux of the film .

Out of all , Sasikumar shines in his role as he fits perfectly into this kind of a village role . His rough bearded look and his costumes were top notch for this rural drama film . His dancing and romancing portions were his few negatives but over all his character fitted quite well . Mahima nambiar looks beautiful but had no big role to play in this film . Pasupathi is seen in a negative shade after several other movies and he had a good role to play and played it good too . His villanism was quite and calm but yet was powerful . Poorna played a negative shaded character and played it well too . She must venture out these kinds of negative characters more . Sanusha as kodiveeran’s sister had a decent venture in this film . Viddharth had a small role and has done full justice to it . Balasaravanan’s role was much of a comic side and we would say that it was not upto the mark as the comic portions were also a drag to the film .

Cinematography was good and well tone to the nature of the script and had captured the fight sequences well . The music in parts were good and the BGM was too loud . The songs were not upto the mark and it slowed the pace of the film . The editing works could have been better because The film had too many slo-mo shots and it disrupted the pace of the script and screenplay . The art director was a great support to the film as the film had top notch village settings . Stunts which was done by the Subburayan family was great and was to the nature of the script and to the style of Sasikumar .

The director here had worked out the same formula as other films but this movies were one grade less than the others . The movie had songs that were not needed and the film had an age old script which could have been handled better . Overall this film was a below average venture for the crew and it could have been structured better if the screenplay would have been faster .

TimesOfCinema Verdict :- A village drama which could have been better if it had better dialogues and better screenplay

TimesOfCinema Rating :- 2.25 / 5


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