Maayavan Movie Review Retrospect

Maayavan Movie

Mayavan is a 2017 science fiction crime thriller film written and directed by CV.Kumar , who has been a successful producer for a few years now. The screenplay has been handled by Soodhu Kavvum fame Nalan Kumarasamy . The music score is done by Ghibran .

The movie starts off with the time period 2037 and again goes back to 2017 and makes us think that it will be a time travel film, and the title credits add to that expectation by showing numerous dates. But, the movie is something completely different, a really fresh and new concept that is held tight by the director.

Sandeep Kishen of Managaram fame is really impressive in his cop outfit and fits in the character so well. But, the moustache looks a bit tacky as it seems artificial . Lavanya Tripathi is the other lead who plays a psychiatric doctor has done a neat measured role. Even though she does not appear in the film for a long time, her character sketch is actually good and is key in the movement of the film . Daniel Balaji plays Rudran , and he as usual scores in his acting skills as he does it in ease . His character adds a suspense element to the movement of the film and it unravels to the audiences quite well too. The most anticipated character in the film, Jackie Shroff , appears only in the last 20 mins of the film which was a disappointment to the audiences . JP as Dr.Velayudham plays his role quite well . Mime Gopi , Dheena , Akshara Gowda and many other characters do quite a good job and here casting is one big positive to the film .

The music is a big positive to the movement of the movie and the songs sound real good. So for Ghibran, it is a job done well . The camera angles were apt to what the story needed thanks to Gopi Amarnath of Pizza fame. He does a pretty good job and it acts as a positive to the film.

As a basic plot , the story revolves around mysterious murders around the city and the murderers are not the same . Is there any connection between them ? This forms the crux of the story.

The climax turns out to be a bit stretched and for this kind of a science fiction film there had to be better VFX . In a few scenes, the VFX looks a bit tacky, however this does not affect the film’s progression too much .

Overall the concept is good and this should be a well appreciated attempt in Tamil cinema . If the VFX had been a tad better and the climax had been worked upon a bit more, Maayavan would have been a completely out of the box film. The shortcomings can be overlooked as this is a well-attempted film and one of its kind. Many directors should take up these kinds of projects.

Times Of Cinema verdict :- A film which will worth your money if you are willing to overlook a few negatives.

Times Of Cinema Rating :- 2.75 / 5

Maayavan Movie Review Retrospect


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