Palli Paruvathile Movie Review Retospect


Palli paruvathile is a rural drama film written and directed by Vasu Bhasker . It has Nandanram , Venba in the lead roles and KS Ravikumar , Urvashi , kanja karuppu , Ponvannan , RK Suresh and Thambi Ramaiah in the supporting roles .

This movie deals with the love of two school mates of which one is the son of the same school headmaster and the other is the daughter of a big shot in the village . They both have feelings for each other but the girl does not express it . In the revelation there is a big problem and the girl lies about not loving him . This lie takes a big recoil to the family of the head master . What happens next forms the crux of the story .

Talking about the positives the cinematographer has done a preety neat job on capturing the emotions of the artists and the scenary of the place .

The second positive is the performance of KS Ravikumar and ponvannan . KS Ravikumar shines in this headmaster role and has also easily manured this role to perfection . Ponvannan in the Antagonist role does a pretty good job .

The movie is full on with negatives . Urvashi’s character is wasted . Comedy sequences of Kanja Karuppu and Thambi Ramaiah was not well utilised and it was not up to the mark . RK Suresh does not get a character sketch for his villanism . Hero Nandhanram lacks emotions and venba does not score yet another time . The music is average and there are many unanswered questions like , will one go to any extent to earn a girls love ? Will any one want a girl to say yes even if she is married ? Is it a kind of mental disorder ? And many more questions .

Overall the film is a below average watch and if you like to watcha rural based film this might be a good match

Palli Paruvathile Movie Review Retospect


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