Riche Movie Review Retrospect


Richie is a tamil crime drama film directed by Gowtham Ramachandran . It is the official remake of the Kannada film Ulidavaru Kandante written by Rakshit shetty . This film has Nivin Pauly and Shraddha Srinath on the lead and Nataraj (Natty), Lakshmi Priya , Prakash raj , Adukalam Murugadoss , Prakash Raj , Raj Barath , Thulasi on the rest of the cast .

The plot rests on a journalist who writes a murder series on a true incident for her Newspaper captured on a murder from different persons from their perspective . All these characters are some how connected to the character Richie . This forms the crux of the story .

This story is well remade by the director we would say . The whole story rests on one murder from different persons perspectives and it is well handled by the director . The director with the script engages the audiences with story from different sides which holds the audiences with many questions . Each characted had a quite well written character sketch and the casting was much perfect .

Nivin pauly to his first direct tamil film already had captured a pretty big fanbase for himself in Tamil Nadi , thanks to Premam . In this film he had given a neat straight performance and was a spotlight among this well written script . He is stylish good looking with his signature bearded look and adapts to this character “Richie” . On the other hand Sharaddha Srinath shones in her journalist role . Even though she has quote a small role , This character gives much depth to the film and she has also performed it well enough . Nataraj (Natty) of sathuranga vettai fame shones as Selva and has minor emotions done to perfection . Performance delivered for what the character demanded . Lakshmi priya plays a small role and does her job pretty well we would say . Prakash Raj as always delivers what we expected of him . We would say his experience throughout these years helped him perform this role . As already said the casting is perfect and the performances are top notch .

Music bu Ajaneesh Lokanath eho was the composer for its original version , stands out with the BGM work but the songs hardly hit the audiences .

Cinematography done by Pandi Kumar was well done . His shots tell us most of the story as visuals capture the attention and this film would have conveyed what it needed just with the visuals .

The story had a bit slow screen play which was both a positive and a negative . The story took its time to explain to the audiences of the characters but its slow pace tested the audiences patience . The songs adds up as a minus but good thing os that it does not mess up with the film .

Overall this film is yet another good attempt of different cinema and for a remake it has justified itself with the screenplay .

TimesOfCinema verdict:- A movie if it had the bit fast screenplay would be a top noth movie to tamil cinema .

TimesOfCinema Rating :- 3 / 5

Riche Movie Review Retrospect


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