Sakka Podu Podu Raja Movie Review Retrospect


Sakka podu podu raja the film marks Santhanam making his first commercial as a main lead and also VTV as a grand producer. The film stars Santhanam, vaibhavi , Vivek , VTV , Papri gosh , Sampath , Sanjana Singh , Robo Shankar in prominent roles. The film has a basic plot of romance and the hero convincing the heroines family to marry her.

Music is by STR who has given a pretty much interesting and appreciatable BGM score and the songs composed for the film wasn’t that apt and could have been done better. The range of the screen play starts from a good paced one to the boring line at the end. The Cinematography could have been improved way to high as the film revolved with too many close up shot which at times kept the audience boring. Editor Anthony has saved the movie with his magical cuts and through which only you are able to sit in the theatre . The production could have focused more on the scenes than on the songs which was shot in foreign countries. The comedy super stars comedy did not work properly and the one liners was a usual ones with Santhanam , despite having robo Shankar , Vivek , VTV the film failed us to entertain .

The film was highly glamourous and few dialogues could have been framed According to the image which Santhanam had in prior films. On whole a one time watchable film if you are a santa fan. A normal audience would find it quite unusual as the usual santa is not there .

Verdict : A bunch of comedians failed to entertain the audience .

Sakka Podu Podu Raja Movie Review Retrospect


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