Sangu Chakkaram Movie Review Retrospect


Well , talking about Sanguchakkaram , it is told to be a fantasy horror film based with children ! For instance the film gained a U certificate from the censor board , for our knowledge being the first horror film to certified with a U certificate . Yes , the film does capture the majority children audience , are the adults satisfied ? Lets us see it in the following review

Sanguchakkaram is a tamil fantasy horror flick written and directed by Marrison produced by K.Sathish and Leo vision productions . The movie deals with group of children and a group of money lusted gangsters and kidnappers who has a profit with those children . They all get caught up in a booth banglow and the child ghost refuses to let the kids out . What happens next forms the crux of the film.

The film mainly had Dilip Subburayan in a comical role and i would say he had done justice in entertaining the audiences . Both the adult and the chilgren audiences loved his portions in the movie . Baby monika siva plays the child ghost and “punnagai poo “ Geetha played the mother ghost and they played a decent role and their acting was good . The child artists Nishesh , swaksha Ganesh , Abinethra, Krithik, Adarsh, Bala, Aditya,Tejo, Ajeesh played a really decent role for the film and were enjoyable throughout the film . Some characters lost theor lipsync which was quite a disruption to the films run . The major drawback to the movie is cinematography as the torch light that is used sometimes blinds the audiences with glaring lightand change of tone and texture to the film . The music director , Shabir does a good job as the film only had background scores to move on . So the job was simple and also was done pretty well .

Overall the movie is not thoroughlly enoyable by the adult section of the audiences but majorly captures the children section even though the child actors had a pretty small role to play throughout the film .

TimesOfCinema Verdict :- A enjoyable horror flick given by the director , but only enjoyed by the childrens section .

TimesOfCinema Rating :- 2.75 / 5

Sangu Chakkaram Movie Review Retrospect


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