Sathya Movie Review Retrospect


To start with the movie, yes! its a remake of a Telugu movie Kshanam, but they have done through justice for a remake and hats off to the director Pradeep Krishnamoorthy and everyone who’s worked alongside the technical and the lead cast team. And most of all!! we think this is going to be a big break for sibiraj..!!

A 6 year old girl who is the daughter of the ex girlfriend of the lead cast of the film which star sibiraj and the role of his ex girlfriend is Ramya Nambeesan, do they find that kid or does the kid exist or is everyone fooling around!?!!!?? that’s where the mystery unfolds….. so catch the rest of the story in the theatres nearby you’re getting it right??… bit of a complex narration in the review itself right such a complex script and they have managed to pull out an awesome screenplay for the script .

Sibiraj who plays the lead role in the film has is it an a fair job. Ramya Nambeesan who has done the female lead in the film has also done a very good job, never expected to see Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in a role of a cop.. Khuddos to her too ! Yogi Babu who does not share much of the screen space has also made the audience burst out for his One Liners!! Satish who usually comes in for comic roles has moved a step further in this film, Anand Raj as usual makes us laugh as well as freak out like all his previous films.

Technical team
Cinematography is just apt for the film. The main highlight is the music Simon K King and the BGM- just what the scene wants it’s right there!!! bang!! yes! when I say bang it’s all about the sound effects of the film .. this is what a film like this needs! Editor plays a vital role in a film, well in this film editor has done his job really well…

TimesOfCinema Verdict : Sathya is a nail biting mystery thriller which is meant to be watched in big screens with very good sound effects. don’t miss it!!

TimesOfCinema Rating : 3/5


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