Shinchan Parithabangal made Amaithi Amaithi popular across Social Media | Dubbing Artist Raghuvaran


Katsuyuki Hayashi from Futaba Publishers had said – “Before Crayon Shinchan, there was a manga called Darakuya Store Monogatari. Crayon Shinchan is actually a spinoff from one of its characters. Usui and I decided to turn one of it’s characters into an original manga”.

The author, Yoshito Usui, created the manga Crayon Shin-chan as he wanted to depict how he was as a child as well as the things he wanted to do as a child but couldn’t. He wanted to be a child with an “adult’s” view. He wanted to express his thoughts through a manga and he thus made Shinnosuke, a character who questions the general norms of the society and the things imposed by adults on children. He also wanted to create a series based on daily life, without any supernatural elements or gadgets or ninjas/samurais, etc. One can relate the series to one’s own life.

You can sense the uniqueness which the series has. It has been said by a person from the manga publisher that the series was originally meant for men in their late 30s. That was way back in 1990. But it gradually became popular among youth and children too, so they had to make it more family oriented later.

In 2005, the Nohara family was declared as permanent residents of Kasukabe city by the government.


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