Ulkuthu Movie Review Retrospect


A film which is defined by its title so there is not much a suspense but still at regular intervals . The film stars Attakathi fame Dinesh , Nandita Swetha , John Vijay , sreeman , chaya Singh and others. The film is a revenge based plot which starts with Bala Saravanan as ‘sura’Shankar who happens to be the trigger of the story and also pulls the plot till the end . The suspense was well held and also treated with accurate care so that there was no previous leak. The characters and in animate objects in the film has been casted well . The production designing department of the film has maintained the flavour of slum and the coastal region which makes it more connecting . The music and bgm score could have been better . The aerial view of the slum adds a professional touch to the film and the Cinematography was a top notch. The shades of the film and the colour tone of the film has been maintained well and it’s a way engaging at parts of the film . The sound engineering department has worked at detailed to maintain the effects of the film. The Direction team has worked on a gripping story which could have been played Better with a better production. On whole , a film which had a good script and a good casting team .

Verdict :

Rating : 2.5/5

Ulkuthu Movie Review Retrospect


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