Gulaebaghavali Movie Review Retrospect


After a decent run from devi , one would expect a much better movie from Master Prabhudeva . That product , coming out from a debutant director , has it hit the audiences in the right note ? Has the movie achieved what it had to ? Lets take a look at the review for more …

Some may think after their view at the trailer that it wouldn’t be a great visit ! But once gone to the theatre the whole perspective of the story changes . The story is simple about a buried treasure and a whole lot of different characters who meet up at the same point . What happens after that is spun up with a hilariously twisted story .

For as to prabhudeva , he is a master at comical roles given to him and as to say he has nailed it . His character was enjoyable throughout the movie . After that one would enjoy Revathi’s characterisation which forms as a good twist and her way of making the role comical was neat and tidy ! Hansika had nothing more than a glamourous quotiount added to her character sketch and had no significant importance bound to the script . Anand Raj , Mansoor Ali Khan and Ramdoss played kindled more of their comical side for the advantage of the script and was enjoyable throughout the movie . Yogi Babu again strikes back with his wonderful timing sense and his one line counters against all the characters and again will be celebrated amongst the audiences . Sathyan does his quirky little role fine and good as always .

The screen was filled with a whole lot of colours and contrasts making the audiences really enthusiastic , for which the credit has to be given to the DOP R.S.Anandakumar . The shots were well captured and was a visual treat to actually watch something that spectacular . The songs were already chartbusters and the BGM was moving along with the film , even though it was too loud for the audiences . The sounds could have been a little less for even more spectacular treatment of the movie . But it is a job well done and thanks to our talented music directors Vivek – Mervin . Fight stunts should have to be given a special mention to Peter Hein as the stunts were blazing fast and intricate too .

Overall for a debutant , kalyan has studied what should be given for a comedy thriller movie , and to say it worked out quite well with the audiences . The songs asusual weren’t needed for the movie . And after maragadha nanayam , this movie was enjoyable for a comedy bound thriller script .

P.S – the interval block was stunningly hilarious and watch out for it

TimesOfCinema Verdict :- An enjoyable script and a racy screenplay rather slowed down by untimely songs .

TimesOfCinema Rating:- 2.75 / 5

Gulaebaghavali Movie Review Retrospect


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